About Me

02-29-2008 07;54;46PM

I am an early child educator with over 12 years of combined experience working in private residences and private schools. I believe that the first 6 years of life can significantly play a role in forming learning patterns. Children that experience a favorable environment will benefit in all aspects of their development. Children learn through play; by providing instructive materials and activities. Children gain intense stimulation that then encourages learning.

I can help your child reach their learning potential by offering motivating activities that inspire the mind and kindle the heart. I believe we are facing a new generation of young children that are wondering far from their imagination; the foundation for a creative mindset. I strive to bring back creativity. Academic pressure is never evolved in my visits; yet present in every session. I engage academics through play and art. Language is provided through storytelling, poems and music.

I am committed to work closely with all the families I work with. I can help arrange an ideal playroom/corner and help you choose materials and toys that are suitable to your child’s needs.

I also provide training sessions for current nannies; implementing current early childhood practices that aim in educating young children in age appropriate manners. This will allow your nanny to offer a more stimulating pre-school approach for your child in the comfort of your home.


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